Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank Goodness!

Thank goodness for classes. I learned most of my basic sewing skills in college in beginning sewing courses, but they didn't cover awesome things like: "Making your own Fabric Embellishment," or "Grandmother's Flower Garden." While I'm relatively new at sewing, I'm still so excited to learn more!

Thank goodness for new fabrics from Kaffe Fassett! At first I thought those fabrics were a little to psychedelic for me, but as I cut a bunch of 'em for fat quarters the designs and colors started to grow on me. Now I'm looking for projects to use them in. Do Fabrics ever grow on you or is it just love at first sight?

Thank goodness for seam-rippers. I have two kinds, one is great for more delicate ripping and the other is fantastic at tearing apart serged seams. I always make sure those things are handy when I'm trying a new project. I always end up doing something thoughtless as the night wears on. You'd think I'd learn by now and just go to sleep!

What is your favorite kind of seam ripper?

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