Monday, April 9, 2012

Just in Case...

Just in case you kids didn't know, we offer beginning sewing and beginning quilting classes. Sooooo if you have some friends that "ooooh" and "aaah" over your awesome stuff, send 'em our way! Get them started on their own creative journey! If they don't have time for such a long term class, we've got a Pajama Bottoms Class on Saturday. It's low-key and you get a cute pair of PJ Bottoms out of it!

Also, here is a tasty picture to brighten your day!

Valli & Kim have and example of these silken cloth crocheted into a scarf.
What else do you think we could make out of it????

By Cassie Grace


Linda Dalton said...

I got some of these ribbons, I just love them! I am going to embroider them into those flowered blocks that I got as an embellishment, I think it will look good! These are just fabulous...maybe I need more? :)

Mike Grace said...

What a great date idea! I'll have to take my wife sometime.

Valli and Kim said...

I hadn't thought to embroider with them! GENIUS!!!!!!