Monday, April 23, 2012

Unusual Uses

I got to thinking more about unusual uses for fabric and I remembered this cool lampshade Valli & Kim made! Isn't it clever? It's so bright and cheery. Definitely unique. I think they cut strips of fabric and twisted them as they attached it to the wire frame. You can go see it for your self in the store. The lamp is towards the back near the magazines and bench. 

Before I forget, we have some AWESOME classes coming up!!!! This week has an adorable Sister Smocks class, and a Tea Towel Applique class. If you want to plan ahead a bit, May has an Embellishment Class, Embroidery Basics, Laminated Tote Bag and the Basic Skirt Class. I think we'll be adding even more in the coming week. So keep and eye out!!!

By Cassie Grace

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