Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tree Monster

Carrot Monster

Do you ever have a sudden burst of inspiration? Well, some hit me over the weekend. I was helping my friend Grayson learn how to cover a foam pillow. When we trimmed the foam, I asked if I could keep it. Then stopped by the Stitch Lab for "some undercover work" (wink-wink)and fabric. I got some cotton all covered in hilarious little monsters and the idea smacked me in the face:

So, I got home and got to work! I cut up the foam and drew up some ideas. This is my "pattern" for the Tree Monster in case you want to replicate it. Thank you, Valli, for showing me how to embroider without a hoop! It works great! 

How do your bursts of Inspiration come?

By Cassie Grace


Linda Dalton said...

These are cute Cassie! How come you and I have never met when I come to the store? I find that I get alot of inspiration from nature, for some reason flowers really make me want to create colorful things. I also wake up in the middle of the night with ideas too and so I keep a notepad next to the bed.

Cassie said...

Thats so weird! We should be friends! Do you have a garden outside your sewing room? With flowers and plants just outside your window, that you gaze from while sewing your amazing quilts? I seem to get my best ideas when I'm brainstorming with other people.

Grayson said...

These monsters are so adorable!!