Friday, March 2, 2012

Wimberley Quilt Ranch

Wouldn't these be perfect for hanging
quilts for a photo shoot?

I was stuck by the charming drive to Wimberley from Austin. It was quieter with a lot less traffic. I could feel my stress floating away as I drove along the green hills. While the Quilt Ranch is in the countryside, I found it without a hitch. Diane, the owner and operator greeted me just as warmly as the funny trees out front. 

I came to learn that the ranch was a product of necessity. Diane's quilt group was traveling up to four hours to the nearest retreat. It was inconvenient enough that Diane decided she needed one closer. As she looked for the perfect house with her friend Pat, Diane settled on the one in Wimberley. Pat said, "If you don't buy it, I will!" And that was that. 

Awesome Workroom. You can really spread out in here!

What I didn't realize is that the work room is perfect for other activities as well: doll making, scrap-booking, beading and knitting or weaving. I know a group going there this summer that's using it for a quilting bee and a family reunion. 

The Carport was converted into the workroom, and the builder teased her about how many lights she was installing in there, but it is perfect. All that light means no shadows to work around on your tiny stitches. The kitchen is fully stocked, which is perfect for a foodie like me and the whole  place is cozy, like home. This is a place where you can hang out in your pajamas without reservation. 

I'm personally a little jealous of this
kitchen island....
The ladies there said that they loved the workroom with its great light and felt walls, but they also appreciated the comfortable beds and the conveniences of being close to home. One gal was able to run home because she forgot to feed her dogs. Another said she liked being able to be around other women with whom she could share her craft. 

I was impressed by the price. Its only 50-55 dollars a night per person, (which is inexpensive for such nice facilities!). I can't wait to bring my sisters here for a family-quilting retreat.

More info?

By Cassie Grace