Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sew your Own Tree

With the beautiful weather, I couldn't help myself at the grocery store. I broke down and bought myself some fresh flowers. All I have are mason jars, so I dressed it up a bit with some ribbon.  The upside is that it only cost me five bucks, but the downside is that they'll wilt in a few days. 

What I'd REALLY like to do is this:

I love how the leaves have different fabrics on each side!

Valli & Kim's Wee Little Tree

I can just imagine having some sweet branches all covered in fabric leaves instead of some plastic ficus. Wouldn't it be fun to make some stuffed fruit to go on it too? I think its a clever way to add a bit of color to the house.

How are you getting into the "spring" of things?

By Casie Grace

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