Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thoughts on Grandmother's Flower Garden

If you haven't been in the store lately, there is a new quilt hanging from the rafter's showcasing a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" style. Before I knew it was called that, I just thought of it as honey combs or octagons. My grandmother made one, but as it started to fall apart from years of use, so my sisters put it in a shadow box with sewing notions for my mom to hang above her sewing machine.

This was made by Pat. (Unfortunately I don't  know her last name!) Thank you!

Anyway. I think they are super cool and I happened to snap a picture a while ago of one that was with super modern colors and fabrics. After I saw how it could be styled differently, I decided that I gotta learn how to do this! We had a class scheduled for today, but I think we'll have it again in the next month or two. 

What do you think about taking classic patterns and sewing them with modern fabrics? 

By Cassie Grace


Grayson said...

Love the fabrics! The new, modern fabrics are like candy to me. Yum! I am a traditional quilter at heart, so using modern fabrics for traditional quilt designs is what I prefer to do.

Mike Grace said...

Love the shapes!

Wimberleyite said...


I'm Pat, thanks for sharing my fun project! I'm the Prez of the Wimberley Valley Quilt Guild. I, too, love the traditional patterns using the modern, fun fabs! The Hexi's can be used in so many neat ways. I'm crazy for the Hexi's and have made many of my friends crazy too! :)

Cassie said...

Pat~Well, I'm glad we can spread the hexi craze around! You gals inspired me so much when I came to visit the Wimberley Quilt Ranch, I just had to share. Please shoot us an e-mail or something when your all done! We'd love to see it completed!