Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I was working in the store last week, I got to watch Valli embroider some fabric for her famous pillows and I got inspired. 
The husband helping me sand! He's so nice!
It had some splitting so we used a bit of glue
 and clamps to remedy the problem
All done! 
I've had this yellow chair for a while. It was painted black, then poorly painted yellow. My darling husband helped me sand the sucker down and patch up the rough spots. We spray painted it a bronze color (not super exciting, but it'll go anywhere in my house now). I decided to let the pillow do the talking color-wise.

Guten TAG! Hello in German.

These are just straight stitches on canvas to give
it a little more interest. 

I gathered the tulle, then fabric.
Then I sewed them together on to the red fabric.
 I used the ribbon to accent,
but mostly to cover the gathering stitching.

I embroidered one side and did ruffles on the other like some of the pillows I'd seen on All in all, a stylish new addition to the art cave (aka craft room). 

Do you recognize the curtain fabric? Yep Valli &Kim's!

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