Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bring Style to the Outdoors

I've been thinking about those cool laminate fabrics we have in those silver cans and all the awesome things people are doing with them!  Valli & Kim have some good examples, of course. There is the Pillow:

I like the idea of having bright color and modern design outside. Some people use this fabric to make seat cushions for their patio chairs and benches. Which of course makes me with I had a backyard and patio furniture, but that's okay because I can make other things like... Rain Coats:

 Clothing is another option with this fabric. I know I don't have lots of opportunity to wear a rain coat here in Austin, at least not this year. BUT I have family in the Seattle, WA area! You could also make make-up bags or even purses. I was thinking about making a reusable lunch bag with the laminate fabric because If something exploded or spilled, the clean up would be LOADS easier!

Ps. Don't Iron it!!!! It'll melt.

How would you use Laminated Fabric?

By Cassie Grace

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