Monday, March 26, 2012

Dolls with Love

I have LOVED working in the store this last week. Valli & Kim customers are so inspiring. You all have such good stories and projects. There is a particular customer who let me interview her a couple of months ago, and has very patiently waited to be shared with all of you.

The hair is mohair locks. Doesn't it look great?
Vicki, like many of you learned to sew when she was young and made doll clothes. Well she's back at it again with fabric from Valli & Kim. She's making dolls and their clothes, but for other little children to love. 

She said, " I want to do this for fun and I just don't want to worry about making them "good enough" for someone to buy.  The kids will love them even with a few threads hanging or a little smear of paint in the wrong place.  That would never work in a market place.  Besides, there are lots of little girls who don't have that many dolls and then mine would be very special." How cool is that? 

Well Vicci! Keep at it! We love seeing your work. 

Why do you give your creations away?

By Cassie Grace

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