Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skills Yo!

Front of the new book covered in fabulous fabric!

I've been thinking about how great it is to know how to sew. It is such a useful skill! Think of all the shirts you've saved because you know how to patch a hole or sew on a button! You can create beauty from bits of fabric. I know a gal who makes specialty dog collars from our fabrics. Another gal used some Kaffe fabric to make draperies for her husband's home office. If she didn't have the sewing skills, she'd be stuck with those drab excuses for curtains they sell at Walmart! 

Another skill I learned is book binding. It is similar to hand sewing in a lot of ways. I thread the pages together and I cover the boards with fabric. It can be tedious, but definitely worth the work. This book is for my grocery shopping. 

I drew lines one page then ran the rest through my copier.
I know this is a little off topic for fabric... but I thought I'd share anyway. I did cover the book in fabric! Does that count? 

Once a month, I sit down for 30-45min and
 plan all the exciting things we will get to eat . 

I'm a planner... if you couldn't tell with my crazy monthly menu. I don't always stick to it perfectly, but it does help me plan my weekly shopping trip better. 

This is what my old book looks like. I bring it with me to the store and I roughly calculate what it will  cost me before I get to the register.... which helps me resist impulse purchasing those double stuff oreos that call my name oh so sweetly.  

This system has helped me dramatically change my food choices and spending habits for the better. And I just wanted to share it all with you. Hope you don't mind!

How do you use your AWESOME SKILLS to help you and your family?

By Cassie Grace


Linda Dalton said...

I think this is awesome Cassie! I really love your little book too but not sure if I could make one or not, but yours is just darling. And what a wonderful idea to keep track of your cooking/shopping/spending. I am thinking that this could save me some money too. Did you take it along the first time and just jot down the prices of the things you purchased or did you just look at your shopping receipt afterwards? This sounds like a good practice to do for people that try to watch how much they spend at the grocery (ME)! I love your little blogs...keep them coming!

The Great Moldini said...

What a great idea, that is so cute!!! Thanks for the mini tute!