Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did'ja know?

You can find these near the register!

Have you ever gone to the store for some new hot pads to replace your ripped up/ burned/ stained old ones? Have you ever been completely disappointed by the selection at the store? Well, I have. There is this cool hot pad insulation that you can buy. It's often called heat resistant batting and you put it in between the adorable fabrics you pick out at Valli & Kim's (of course). You can make totally cute and functional owls, like you see above. I've made some that were extra big for my big pots and pans. It has come in especially handy when I need to transport big hot pots to a dinner or potluck. You can make them any size or shape to suit your needs! How cool is that!!!???

 I like the idea of being able to custom make my kitchen stuff, don't you?

By Cassie Grace

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