Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sewing Explosion

My world has exploded! I've very recently discovered paper piecing and OH MY GOODNESS! I'm amazed at the intricacy and accuracy of it all! I learned the basics at my little church quilt group and when I got home I looked up free patterns online to practice on. WOWZA! My new favorite sites are: 

(animals, objects, people, symbols and so much more)
(This is for geeks like me…aka Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings)
(Nature, Stars, Holiday Designs and more)

This is my first one. I may have goofed and forgot the stem......

I spent one evening just downloading free patterns. These designers are ridiculously AWESOME! I hope I can get good enough to make a few designs of my own someday. 

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Mike Grace said...

Sewing explosion indeed! Looks like fun!