Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little Inspiration

.....What inspires me....I love to go to antique stores, Round Top, Warrington, and several shops that I love to frequent on a regular basis,like Anthropology in Austin and Red in Fredricksburg. I also try to spoil myself at  least once a month and go to Barnes & Noble, by myself, I  gather armfuls of magazines, and sit for hours making notes, sketching pictures and dreaming about future projects, a good place to get basics to expand on! ( And Yes, I do buy some of the magazines!) My favorite magazines are "Where Women Create", "Mollie Makes", "Making", "Artful Blogging", "Mingle", and "Country Living".

Old movies are great, I love to look at the interiors and see how ideas have changed and how they have recycled back around. Since my back ground is interior design I'm always looking for "Things" verses quilt pattern, such as throw pillows, pincushions, tote bags, ottomans, small furniture, and different ways to embellish items with fabric flowers, ric rac,ball trim, embroidery etc. Most of all, to be inspired and stay inspired I surround myself with the things I love and that make me happy: Family photos, dollhouses, chintzware, antique plates, small Steiff stuffed animals, any small things made of fabric!

Oh! and Pinterest is an inspiration for creative ideas too!

By Valli Daniel

Where do you find Inspiration?


Anonymous said...

I find inspiration in your shop! I see all the beautiful fabrics and I imagine all the possibilities. I'm only limited by my pocketbook. :(

Valli and Kim said...

Awe Thanks!!! I know how you feel about the pocketbook dilema! I'd walk out with $300 worth of fabric every time if I had my way!