Monday, February 13, 2012

Ode to Sewing Classes

"Oh, magazine article,
How you tempt me" I gripe.
But what a pickle,
I don't know how to sew it!

To my swift rescue come
Valli & Kim's Store.
My skills begin to blossom
With all the classes I explore.

"Ha! Project, you are defeated!"
I wear my p.j.'s with pride.
Only now, "I am tempted 
by" I sighed.

Fellow sewing aficionados, we have some GREAT classes this month! We have Embellishment Class by Valli tomorrow. Sew Therapy on Friday, Boxed Cushions next week and the Zippy Strippy Cosmetic Bag! And that is just February! For more info:

By Cassie Grace

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