Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love my picker upper. I'm a gadget girl, a lazy gadget girl. My sewing room has a tile floor (things slide and roll ) and I tend to toss and flip things, including my pins as I'm taking them out of seams. I don't want to bend over or crawl under my desk for a pin so I pull out my handy- dandy extendable PICKER-UPPER to find  my stray pins. I can also find lost office supplies, such as staples, and paper clips, or the random washer in the sand (for you washer players). 

Written by Kim Sessions

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Carol said...

You just HAD to remind me! I bought one of these at Quilt Festival to replace the one I had that broke because a certain little grandson decided to use it to play with...well...evidently there was a hole in the plastic bag and my picker upper must have fallen out as I made my way through the gargantuan convention center. I'll come get a new from you!