Friday, January 20, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Linda Myers

Linda is a longtime customer, and now friend and teacher at Valli & Kim. Linda, like many of you, started sewing early at the age of 10 or so with Barbie clothes and she sewed her own clothes all the way up until high school (until she couldn't stand using her mom's old machine!). Then she picked up needlepoint, knitting and decorative painting. Linda's job (in software development) took her traveling quite a bit and so she got the grand idea to create a slip-cover for those germ-y airplane pillows. This idea spawned her etsy shop. If you're thinking about starting or have an etsy shop, she is the gal to talk to! If fact, her shop kept her so busy for a while that she had to quit her part time job! She's been featured on other blogs like Apartment Therapy for her pillow designs. How cool is that!?  When I asked her what tips she had for etsy shop beginners like me, she said to always look for something new. Linda said that good ideas get copied fast, so with in a few weeks to a few months, your product gets buried by all your copycats. If you want to see more of Linda's work go to !

Fun Facts
- Current projects include designing new patterns of embroidery and sewing for her etsy shop. 
- Anthropology is a big inspiration for her. Linda likes to drive downtown to the local Anthropology to look at the color of the clothing to get ideas. 
 - Linda is a beginner quilter.


Linda Dalton said...

Sew cute! Love the flowers and the pillow is wonderful! Nice job Linda!

The Great Moldini said...

These are super cute, I really like the dandelion!