Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Measure 7 Times, Cut Once…. NO seriously!

I have a ridiculous story. I'm working on a postage stamp quilt (because I lost my mind). It has 3,660 squares and each square is now the grand size of 1 1/2 in by 1 1/2 in unfinished. I'm working from a cross stitch pattern, which means I have no directions or measurements for yardage. I bought fabric on the fly over the course of six months. That means I have more of some fabric colors and less of others…. This sucker has turned into a giant color sudoku puzzle. 

Anyway. I finally had all the fabric I needed and I started cutting them to 2 3/4 inch squares. I sewed 7 blocks together (700 squares) before I realized it was too big. The finished project was going to be 104 in by 104 in!!! That's bigger than a king sized quilt not to mention too difficult to see the design well at that size. So, I spent three full days cutting down every last square including the ones already sewed together. BUT! I'm back on track and it looks great the smaller size. 

The moral of the story here is: Do the math! Double check and "thank goodness for seam rippers!" or… you know, use a real pattern.

By Cassie Grace

Do you have any "cutting twice" disaster stories?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt!