Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Behemoth

         As some of you may recall my Celtic Quilt Project from earlier this year. I'm happy to report that it is drawing to a close. My dear new friends Chris and Susan at "Over the Top Quilting Studio" helped me tremendously. Susan has kindly helped me by quilting the center of the quilt, the knot portion. I was struggling and sweating to quilt it on my little machine. Seriously. I was sweating! So that I can still feel like I was a part of quilting this, Susan left the boarders to me.

You can see the stitching best on the back.
When I get sick of the other side,
I may just flip it over  just because it is so beautiful! 
        When I walked in, Susan had it hanging up to show off the stitching. I wish now that I had snagged a photo of it like that. Isn't her stitching beautiful???? I admit I cried a little bit. This has lifted such a burden from my shoulders. The monster of a quilt won't have to take me another year to finish! 

When we folded it up. I couldn't stop touching it.
The texture of it felt so good! 
        Susan doesn't rent time on the machine, but she let me practice on some scrap fabric. It really made me appreciate the skill and planning it takes to do this. If any of you have ever considered hiring a long arm quilter to help you finish a project, I highly recommend you consult with Susan and Chris. They are angels in disguise with good prices too! ;) 

I loved how we discussed and worked out together
a design that would suite the style of the quilt without
distracting from the piecing design.

By Cassie Grace

Ps. Here is a link to their website again: http://overthetopquilting.com/

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