Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Lobster Season!

You may recall my sketches for halloween costumes a few weeks ago. Well!! Here is the final product!!! I am so excited! For $10 and a bit of time, I've been able to make both my and my husband's costume! I had the red fabric from Valli & Kim for a while, so all I needed was foam, buttons, some wonder-under and time. Having the skills to make this myself has been so satisfying and fun. Our costumes will be one of a kind. 

My lobster belt is currently attached
with a safety pin, I don't want to sew the
button, until I'm a little closer  to the day
because of my growing baby belly! 
The claws are attached to cuffs so I can still use my hands to eat and drink
 and open doors...
The head band is just covered in fabric and then the
 antennae are wire wrapped in fabric then wrapped
around the headband. 

I used a marker to draw on the foam and that knife cuts the foam with less mess and more accuracy than scissors.

I traced the foam and then added a half inch to each side of the paper. TADA! Insta-pattern for my lobster tail!

Some of the corners are a little funny, but I learned a lot about covering three-dimensional objects in fabric. :)

I made a paper template for the red fabric and cut those out as well as some batting to give the claws some substance. I ironed the wonder-under to the red fabric then ironed them together. They may not last constant use, but they'll do great for a party or two! 

This is my husband's costume. It's not quite done yet, but I did finish the fork and knife he'll be holding. They are bits of left over foam that I covered in fabric. The lobster you see is the beginnings of a painting on canvas that will turn into his "lobster bib." 

What was the best homemade costume you've ever worn or made?

By Cassie Grace

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