Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How do you store your fabric?

The "stash." It seems to be the ultimate goal of every quilter to have sufficient fabric at home to whip up anything he or she might need. "Need a coordinating fabric? I've got three right here in my stash," you'd say. My sister has a pretty serious one going. I salivate every time I see it. She is benevolent enough to gift me a a fat quarter here or there to help me finish a project. My stash is still small enough to fit in a drawer. 

As you can see, I don't even fill my drawer! I've got other supplies in there too, for crocheting, embroidery and home decor. I thought about making it look tidy before I took the picture, but it didn't seem honest. This is how it really looks and it works for me for now. The baggies are for the bits of fabric too big to throw away but too small to see against the more prominent fabric. 

My friend Grayson has a ridiculously beautiful stash. Her darling husband built a set of shelves just for her fabric. She has the habit of buying at least 2 yards of everything she likes so she always has enough. The whole wall is is rainbow of color. I find myself imagining ways to break in at night and make off with most of it. I'd be the "quilting caper".... that's a cool evil villain name. I could work with that. ..... I'm getting off track. 

Anyway. How do you store your fabric so you can get to it easily? Do organize by color or by style? Do you separate your fat-quarters from your yardage of fabric? Do you use plastic bins? 

Please share your "Stash' wisdom!!

By Cassie Grace 

Ps. Later this week, I'll show you how we fold our fat quarters at Valli & Kim to make your organization easier and uniform! 


Say It In Color said...

I've always had fabric everywhere in the house, in a basket in a drawer, on a shelf, in a bag....anyway, we have downsized and in moving it all I loved putting the fabric into CLEAR bins so I can see whats in it on a big shelf in my storage room connected to my new work room.....I keep the fat quarters and similar size in a baske to grab because I sew more 18" doll clothes than any quilting....but I love fabric like a quilter...but doing all kinds of things with the fabric....anyway, again I dream of an open partitioned wall shelf unit of those pretty colors stacked by color....maybe someday...but right now it is mostly in clear plastic easy to handle plastic bins stacked and much in an old wardrobe that house ALL my sewing stuff...it has shelves and I can close the door to make the room look neater....which doesn't happen often!

Anonymous said...

I like to store my fabric by color (light to dark) in small-medium sized clear plastic box containers (Sterilite Latch Box). I cut a foam board to 4x6 (or 3x5 for over 6 yards) and the fabric fits beautifully in the container allowing me to see all of it while it is nicely organized!