Wednesday, September 5, 2012

May the Force be with you...

Who doesn't love a bit of Star Wars stitch-geekery?

Have you seen this before? I found it on and it cracked me up!!! The gal who designed it is Carina (here is her website: I want to make one of my own and frame it for my sewing area. 

This got me thinking though, some people swear by ironing your seams open and others to one side. Depending on my project I might even do both. EGADS!!! For example:

It made sense for the Hexes to do press both open and to the side, so it would lie flatter. If the center bit had been open seamed, it would have been a folding little mess. 

You may be able to see that I put this together in columns and then sewed the columns together. I took care to iron half the seams north and the south, so that when they came together there would be less bulk. 

How do you press your seams? Open, closed, combination?

By Cassie Grace

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bambi said...

I have always pressed closed but will try to remember to try pressing open the next time it makes sense to do that.