Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Quilt Fest

Mom spoiled all of us, buy fabric and tools 
Inspiring customers are so ... well inspiring! When I was working the cutting counter this summer, two sisters came in and told me all about their upcoming family reunion. All the ladies in the family get together for a quilt retreat. They have plays and projects and raffles. It all sounded like so much fun, I decided my family should do it too!
I told my mama all about it. She and I started planning and scheming right away. We were lucky enough to get all, but one sister to come (she is serving a religious mission in NJ). Since all the sister have such different styles, we decided to work on our own projects .

Chris- loves fractals, and math type quilts
Dee- loves bright, bright colors and happy-go-lucky patterns
Orendia- is more into formal designs and rich colors
Me- like fall colors and vintage styles with a twist
Sami- modern with pattern, pattern, pattern
Orendia loved chatting with the sisters (bonding)
 and leafing through mom's magazines

Using my mom's totally SWEET iron!
What I loved about this visit was collaborating with my sisters in a way I never had before, and getting to know them better (there is a big age gap with me and my older sisters). Mom was tickled pick to teach us her amazing skills with clothes, quilting and crocheting. She showed me how to crochet snowflakes!
Mom and Dee discussing the "flip-flop" quilt
What pleases me most is that my mom and sisters who live nearby are continuing to get together to work on projects even after its over. My mom can pass on her knowledge and my sisters get to build up their skills as well their relationships.
And mom's cooking was awesome too!

By Cassie Grace

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