Thursday, August 30, 2012


For a while, I thought templates were for weenies. Turns out, TEMPLATES ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! My totally sweet mama got me hexagon templates for my "grandmothers flower garden." Templates, as I now know, are for smart people who want to save time.

The templates are clear, so hard to see in a photo, but so
 nice when you're cutting the fabric.

The other tool you see here is for marking 1/4 inch in from your corner, whatever the shape. I used the Hex to mark every corner of every bit of fabric. That sounds tedious, BUT I knew exactly where to start and stop my stitching. No tucks or folds. They all came together beautifully on my machine. I think the traditional way to do this design is by hand with paper cutouts. This method saved me loads of time!! Besides my hand-stitching isn't very straight or even.

Have you used templates before? Did you like them?

By Cassie Grace

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bambi said...

I bought the paper templates at the Houston Quilt show last year but haven't tried them. These look more promising.