Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a fool for my tools!

The right tools can make all the difference. Of course there are "froo-froo" tools that look cool, but you never end up really using, but had fun trying out. Well, we have come across a gadget that can be a huge time saver if you mess up as often as I do. ~wink wink~ 

"The Quick Ripper" 

It's basically a mustache trimmer, but it works great on ripping seams. It biggest brownie-point for me is how fast it is! Raise you hand if you've spent close to an hour picking out something that took you THREE seconds to sew. Yeah, I know you've done it too! Something to be aware of though, it can nip your fabric a bit if your not careful, but I messed up my fabric on occasion just with my seam ripper. I've got a video of how it works here, but you can definitely ask Kim to let you give it a go and test it out on some of your scraps. 

Do you have any tools that you just can't live without now you have them?

By Cassie Grace

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